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Envision ~ A Storm of Solutions

A Five Day Film Workshop & Festival
The popularity and impact of video has made it an essential tool for any organization or individual wishing to influence a global audience.
This workshop is a combination of compelling futurism concepts, accelerated video production training, personalized student projects and then an evening together to showcase and celebrate their work.

Key Takeaways

-Students learn how to effectively create compelling videos quickly with minimal gear so they can leverage the popularity of social media & content marketing to further their ideas. They also get photos and their video to showcase their idea and feedback on how to move forward with it. The winners get all this plus a cash prize to help accelerate the development of their idea.
-Schools & sponsors get a collection of student produced videosalong with a trove of workshop and event photos to feature on their social media platforms and website. The imagery of empowered students will be an ongoing marketing tool.
-The community gets to come together and celebrate the action they are taking to make a positive impact in the world.


There seems to be a never ending stream of negative news confronting us about the global challenges humanity faces. The Festival is an opportunity to flip the narrative and instead portray potential solutions to these challenges by using rapidly accelerating technologies to address them in bold and novel ways.

Festival Challenge

Identify a problem and “solve” it using a rapidly developing technology.
The more people it affects the better and the actual technology doesn’t need to be capable of achieving it today. It just needs to hold the promise of being able to achieve it in the near future.
Each student will produce their own compelling, cinematic video short that highlights their solution in action.


Insight into emerging technologies will be provided through a series of short curated clips from global thought leaders and scientists presenting the technologies they see as game changers.
These advancements are already making tremendous positive impacts and the festival is a chance to envision what comes next.

Some potential topics and trends might be:

Climate solutions; Apps as becoming intelligent assistants; Digital health tools
Artificial intelligence; Sustainable & abundant energy; Intelligent (transparent) design;
The rise of plant based protein; Drones for good; Augmented Reality


Making compelling video is now a life skill just like being able to write, except with much greater reach. Working independently and in teams students will produce their own 1-minute-“film” to be submitted for and celebrated at the livestreamed festival.
But becoming an effective video producer requires both discipline and technique and
in this workshop we will emphasize the development of both.

Video is now the most desired and effective marketing tool for businesses and the skills the students develop in the workshop will help prepare them to have a greater impact in how they wish to influence the future in their careers and personal lives.

Day 1

An accelerated hands-on introduction to the production flow of idea boarding, filming and editing a completed video all of which will be used in the creation of their individual videos. Students will be tasked overnight with creating a simple storyboard of their video project.
An introduction to emerging technologies that hold great promise such as AI, alternative energy, and augmented reality while also identifying a few the great challenges the world faces to avoid climate catastrophe.

Day 2

Advanced training on camera techniques, audio recording, lighting and graphic design. Storyboards will be reviewed with students individually to help ensure they are ready to get started or to put them on the right track.

Day 3

Students will work on filming their storyboards and have access to the team of instructors to help them overcome any production challenges. The footage will be imported and put on timelines so students can start working on their initial cuts.

Day 4

Editing the stories and reshooting any missing or needed clips will be an all-day affair. Those students who complete their projects will move onto an optional group project or turn their lens on the workshop itself to document all the great learning taking place.

Day 5

Recording of the group project: A news style TV show or alternative fashion show for those done with their videos – and final editing for those who are not. Preparation for streaming the workshop will be done with the students in the afternoon.
All videos will be due at noon and the festival will begin at 7pm.

The Film Festival will be a fun group viewing of all the videos with awards going to:

Overall Winner
Technical Achievement
Spirit Award
Sound Design

The videos will be posted on the school’s Youtube channel and serve as inspiration for taking action and attract new students to the school.