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Ropina creates visual experiences to advance communities and their diverse aspirations

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Our Portfolio

Livestream, Stage design, Videography

PBWC 2023 Engage – Conference Highlights


PBWC 2023 Conference Promo – Engage

Custom Projects

Buck’s Rock Camp 2nd Annual Virtual Gala

Livestream, Stage design, Videography

California Breastfeeding Coalition Summit 2023

Livestream, Photography, Stage design

NextMed Health Conference 2023


American India Foundation – Sonia Kumari


American India Foundation – Raj Mathai


American India Foundation – I Am India

Custom Projects

Taproot Earth – Climate on Tap


Cannondale – Women Who Move Us Forward – Recap


Cannondale – Women Who Move Us Forward – Marley

Livestream, Stage design, Videography

PBWC 2022 Rise – Conference Highlights

Motion Graphics, Videography

PBWC 2022 Conference Promo – Rise

Livestream, Stage design, Videography

California Breastfeeding Coalition Summit 2022

Livestream, Stage design, Videography

AIF Annual New York Gala 2021

Livestream, Stage design, Videography

BOLD Capital Partners Quarterly Meetings

Stage design, Videography

MassVOTE’s 2021 Champions of Democracy Fundraiser

Livestream, Stage design, Videography

PBWC 2021 IgniteCHANGE – Conference Highlights

Motion Graphics, Videography

PBWC 2021 Conference Promo – IgniteCHANGE

Livestream, Stage design, Videography

AIF Bay Area Spring Celebration 2021

Livestream, Stage design, Videography

California Breastfeeding Coalition Summit 2021


49ers Gold Rush – Halftime Show 2021


Ropina / Media Posse Reel 2020

Livestream, Stage design

KittyHawk Ventures Investor Series

Livestream, Videography

CA State Capitol Virtual Tree Lighting Ceremony


49ers Gold Rush – Halftime Show 2020


Sacramento Gay Men’s Chorus – Boy Howdy


#ForGood Speakers – The Power of Helping Others

Livestream, Videography

PBWC Annual Conference #ForGood 2020

Livestream, Stage design

Transparency Wave – Book Launch

Photography, Stage design

Singularity University – Global Summit 2019


Singularity University – Global Summit Studio


Capacitor – Left To Her Own Devices


Exponential Medicine Session Videos

Photography, Stage design

Singularity University – Exponential Medicine

Stage design

Project Heha’s Super Happiness Challenge

Studio, Videography

Board Game – Bike Route Sacramento


SU Global Summit 2018 Highlight Video

Photography, Stage design

Singularity University – Global Summit 2018


Exponential Medicine 2018 Highlight video

Motion Graphics

Media Posse Graphics Reel 2020

Photography, Stage design

SU Exponential Manufacturing

Photography, Stage design

Singularity University – Exponential Finance


Heroku Customer Success Stories


Sencha Touch 2 – Launch Video

What can we do for you?

Our Services


High-quality video production is the backbone of our company.
We love to tell authentic stories of people and organizations with stunning visuals. Our friendly and supportive team make the whole process enjoyable so our clients are seen at their very best. For larger productions we add up to 12 cameras and provide a polished broadcast aesthetic.


Our stages delight audiences and showcase brands. We create custom elements such as projection mapped arches and wide screen blends resulting in beautiful and memorable imagery. We love seeing speakers majestically framed in the numerous social media posts put up by attendees.


We realize that one of the best ways to take deep dives into content is to feature guests and panels in a ready to go TV studio so we take ours on the road and set it up at events. This allows video streams to go directly from the stage presentations to a beautiful set where viewers can get insight and analysis about the topics in a vibrant and unscripted format. Our studio segments help turn conferences into broadcasts that keep the viewers tuned in during stage breaks.


We feature a wide variety of motion graphics in our videos and on our stages. We balance the art with the messaging so our animations are mesmerizing while staying on brand. Logos, user interfaces and data sets all stand out with motion and flair.


Our talented photography team doesn’t just catch beautiful imagery of people and events they showcase the connections being made and the insights being shared by engaged communities. We use digital cameras with electronic shutters so there are no annoying clicking sounds. We pay clear attention to the sightlines of the audience and wait for the right moment to capture imagery without distracting from the moment. The joy and passion featured in our work is an honest reflection of what we see all around us and we are delighted to share it with the world.


Making events memorable is the motivation behind our projection mapping projects. They complement our stages and provide a sense of wonder. We know they work because they get so heavily featured in the social media postings from attendees. Our over-sized diamond provides a unique canvas to showcase logos, products, art and even upcoming speakers while reinforcing the look and feel of our stage and studio.

“David is the most dedicated and capable media producer I have ever worked with – especially for promoting what’s good in the world. David loves to up the game with his incredible array of cutting-edge gear. His insight, innovative solutions, and technical and creative expertise and the pristine quality of his media maximize the value of any production. David’s commitment to being a team player has made him an indispensable partner for two decades. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Lene R Andersen
CEO Teleportec/ Fmr. Senior Program Director Singularity University

You are what they see - so show them your best

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The popularity of online videos makes them ideal tools for companies to highlight their value.

But getting started can be tough, using a large marketing agency is expensive and doing it yourself can result in videos that don’t live up to your brand’s aspirations. 

We specialize in creating professional videos that market organizations as they wish to be seen in a modern and entertaining way.

Supercharge your Event

We believe in the power of community and how events bring them to life.

We design stages that delight audiences.

Our video streams expand your reach with the look and feel of a broadcast channel.

Our on-site tv studio allows for expert analysis during breaks and intimate interviews with top presenters.

Extend Your Reach

Extend your reach In an increasingly competitive market effective videos are essential to ongoing success.

That’s why 87% of marketing professionals use video & the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video (Forbes, 2018).

It’s a whole new game on social media and Ropina helps organizations stand out with videos that shine your value forward.

“Before hiring David, a remarkable and visionary producer, our organization struggled to create videos that reflected the quality of our work – showcasing global thought leaders. Over the six years we have worked with David and his talented team, we have built a powerful presence through the mesmerizing stages, sophisticated live streams, hundreds of videos, and broadcast style conferences and events they have created. David’s passion for empowering those who make the world a better place shines through. If you want to take your events and media to the next level, hire David and Ropina.tv.”

Will Weisman
KittyHawk Ventures / Fmr. Executive Director Singularity University / Speaker.

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Key Personnel

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Saara Fratto

Founder & CEO

David Fratto

Motion Graphic Designer & Technician

Agnis Pelšs

Senior Producer & Live Switcher

Liva Sunepa

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David Fratto

CEO & Founder