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You are what they see - so show them your best

Amplify your impact

Share Your Story

The popularity of online videos makes them ideal tools for companies to highlight their value.

But getting started can be tough, using a large marketing agency is expensive and doing it yourself can result in videos that don’t live up to your brand’s aspirations. 

We specialize in creating professional videos that market organizations as they wish to be seen in a modern and entertaining way.

Supercharge your Event

We believe in the power of community and how events bring them to life.

We design stages that delight audiences.

Our video streams expand your reach with the look and feel of a broadcast channel.

Our on-site tv studio allows for expert analysis during breaks and intimate interviews with top presenters.

Extend Your Reach

Extend your reach In an increasingly competitive market effective videos are essential to ongoing success.

That’s why 87% of marketing professionals use video & the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video (Forbes, 2018).

It’s a whole new game on social media and Ropina helps organizations stand out with videos that shine your value forward.

“Before hiring David, a remarkable and visionary producer, our organization struggled to create videos that reflected the quality of our work – showcasing global thought leaders. Over the six years we have worked with David and his talented team, we have built a powerful presence through the mesmerizing stages, sophisticated live streams, hundreds of videos, and broadcast style conferences and events they have created. David’s passion for empowering those who make the world a better place shines through. If you want to take your events and media to the next level, hire David and Ropina.tv.”

Will Weisman
KittyHawk Ventures / Fmr. Executive Director Singularity University / Speaker.