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Stage design

Project Heha’s Super Happiness Challenge

Happiness is transformative.
And that is why Heha held the Super Happiness challenge: to empower the start-ups and ideas that promote happiness through the products they create.
The global finalists gathered in Silicon Valley for the final pitches and MP was on site to help make it all as special as such a fine initiative deserves.
We built a set based on the distinctive design of the Heha brand, put together a nice sound track and motion graphics to delight the crowd. We had great fun photographing everything for instant PR and produced polished videos for all the finalists featuring it all from a wide variety of views and a snazzy highlight video to celebrate the great achievements of all who took part.
All our projects make us happy but this was the first time we learned that Super Happiness ~ happiness that comes from helping the world become more sustainable ~ should be our true goal 🙂