Ropina Student Film Festival Video Workshop A Film Workshop & Festival Film Festival Video Workshop The popularity and impact of video has made it an essential tool for any organization or individual wishing to influence a global audience. This workshop is a combination of PROFESSIONAL MINDSET DEVELOPMENT, accelerated VIDEO PRODUCTION training and PERSONALIZED STUDENT PROJECTS culminating in a FILM FESTIVAL to showcase and celebrate the students’ work. Each student will produce their own compelling, cinematic video short that highlights their interpretation of the selected theme. Tornadoes by Agnis Pelss

"The video workshop and film festival David held at NoMA was truly something special with the amount of things we learned and goals we had to accomplish."

Agnis Pelss, Freelance Motion Graphic Designer & A/V technician

Festival Challenge Day 1 Film Festival There seems to be a never ending stream of negative news confronting us about the global challenges humanity faces. The Festival is an opportunity to FLIP THE NARRATIVE and instead portray potential solutions to these challenges by presenting positive solution oriented stories that PROMOTE OPTIMISM about the future.

Some potential themes:

Freedom not Fear / Technology for a brighter future / The Power of Community
Metamorphosis / The Multiverse (Burningman Theme 2020)

Playlist with student films from past Film Festivals

A few student videos
Spirit of green grass
For the love of music
"...Thanks to David and his inspiring way to teach I fell in love with editing videos and the way you can use this tool in marketing."

Christine Giebal,
Day 1 Day 2 Day 1 LECTURE: Intro to the professional mindset exemplified by the 4H’s being HUMBLE, HONEST, HUNGRY and HAPPY in the workplace. A quick overview of the production flow of idea boarding, A visual walk-thru of the workflow of shooting and editing a video.
LAB: An accelerated hands-on introduction to filming and editing a completed video all of which will be used in the creation of the individual videos. A 3-shot assignment that gets the students aware of shooting for the edit and the practicing an editing workflow will be done in groups.

HOMEWORK: Students will be tasked with creating a simple storyboard of their video concept.
" workshop was well worth to learn from someone who is working in the industry..."

Agnis Pelss,
Freelance Motion Graphic Designer & A/V technician
Day 2 Day 3 Day 2 LECTURE: Filming and editing techniques, coloring and sound design.

LAB: Advanced training on camera techniques, audio recording, lighting and motion graphics. Idea boards will be reviewed with students individually to help ensure they are ready to get started or to put them on the right track.
"(David Fratto) has motivated and showed our students technical and theoretical knowledge in a very professional way"

Tina Østergaard Filsø,
Previous Lecturer in Visual Communication, Kolding, IBA
Day 3 Day 4 Day 3 Students will FILM their IDEA BOARDS and the team of instructors will help them REALIZE THEIR VISIONS and overcome any production challenges.

Footage will be imported and put on timelines so students can start working on their initial cuts.
"The workshop I attended with David as a teacher was by far the most fun and eye-opening 2 weeks of everything I learned and experienced while I was educating myself at NoMA."

Christine Giebal,
Day 4 Day 5 Day 4 EDITING THE STORIES and re-shooting any missing or needed clips will be an all-day affair.

Those students who complete their projects will move onto an OPTIONAL GROUP PROJECT or turn their lens on the workshop itself to document all the great learning taking place.
" As a guest teacher he showed great enthusiasm for the assignments."

Tina Østergaard Filsø,
Previous Lecturer in Visual Communication, Kolding, IBA
Day 5 Key Takeaways Day 5 Recording of the group project: A news style TV show or alternative fashion show for those done with their videos - and FINAL EDITING for those who are not. Preparation for STREAMING THE WORKSHOP will be done with the students in the afternoon.

All videos will be due at noon and the festival will begin at 7pm.

The Film Festival will be a fun group viewing of all the videos with awards going to:

Overall Winner
Technical Achievement
Spirit Award
Sound Design

The videos will be posted on the school’s Youtube channel to showcase the talent and ATTRACT NEW STUDENTS to the school.
Key Takeaways The Team Key Takeaways AUTHENTIC BRANDING
-The school gets a vibrant collection of student-produced videos along with a trove of workshop and event photos to feature on their social media platforms and website. The imagery of empowered students will be an ongoing marketing tool.

-The film festival brings the community together to celebrate the bright minds and creative media talents of the students.

"...The workshop itself was one of the main reasons why I chose to study at NoMA over two other multimedia schools that I was accepted to since they didn't have that kind a program...."

Agnis Pelss,
Freelance Motion Graphic Designer & A/V technician
-Students learn how to implement the new industry standard for high-quality and quick-turnaround videos which require minimal scripting and storyboarding.
-Students learn how to set up and execute a multi-camera livestream.

-Students learn how to leverage the popularity of social media & content marketing.

The Team David Fratto, Founder & CEO Ropina
Story development, camera operation,
directing & editing

Saara Fratto, Chief Creative Officer, Ropina
Visual design, creative camera work, editing

Agnis Pelss, Technical Director, Ropina
Graphics, animation, all things technical

Liva Sunepa, Senior Producer, Ropina
Editing, polishing & publishing

The Team
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